Admission Policy and Procedures

Admissions at Pakistan English School are granted on merit basis. The criterion of admission is as follows;

  1. Available seats
  2.  Qualifying the Admission Test
  3.  Admissions are opened from February to October
  4.  All the admissions and transfers are finalized till end of October.

Admission Details:

Admission applications are open from February to October, and finalizations for admissions and transfers cease at the end of October. Enrolling students must also complete an admission test to a satisfactory standard. Please note that enrollment is only possible if there are available seats.

Admissions to the Pakistan English School are granted on merit basis as well as the completion of the following criteria:

Admission Requirements

If your child is entering kindergarten, they must be at least 3.5 years old before September 15th of the enrollment year.

To Attach the Documents in the Order Given Below:

  • Health Card

(Health Card can be obtained from an approved school health clinic) The following documents are required for Health Cards        

  • Admission Form in English.
  • Admission Form in Arabic.
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. (For class II onwards) Two photocopies of the T.C. & report card of the previous school should be submitted during the time of admission.
  • Passport copy of the student with Residency Page.
  • Passport copy of the parents with Residency Page.
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate. (2 sets) (For children born in Kuwait, Birth Certificates should be inclusive of Inoculation Pages)
  • Four recent passport size photographs of the student.
  • Civil ID copy of child and parents.


  • According to the Ministry of Education decision, 25% discount will be applied on approved tuition fees for the duration of online study only. Please note that the decision to reduce fees is subject to the implementation of the Ministry of Education decision. When students are allowed to return to school hours, the tuition fees will be reorganized with the approved fees for the academic year 2020-21.
  • The registration fee is not refundable.
  • Books & uniform fee not included.
  • The minimum number of students is required to provide transport to a particular area.

When a student meets all of the above requirements, they will be invited to pay an enrollment fee. On payment of this fee, the child’s details will be entered into the school’s system and the child will be enrolled.

Transfer of students between schools within Kuwait.

If a student wishes to transfer to PESC from another school in Kuwait, they must first pass the admission test. On the completion of the test the child’s results will be examined to see if they are satisfactory. If school management is satisfied with the child’s results a NOC will be issued for the transfer of their school file from their current school to PESC.

Transfer of students from outside of Kuwait.

In the case of a student transferring to our school from a school that is outside of Kuwait, the student must provide a leaving certificate and detailed mark sheet from their prior school. These documents must be duly attested from the relevant authorities.

Withdrawal Procedure

In the case of a necessary withdrawal during or at the end of the academic year, the student must obtain a fee clearance certificate from the Accounts Office. Once this is done, students will be supplied with their result card, personal file and transfer certificate. Please note that the result cards of withdrawn students are stored and archived in the Accounts Office.

Classes 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment Total
KG 150 108 108 366
Grade: 1-5 160 125 113 398
Grade: 6-8 180 138 138 456
Grade: 9 -12 210 150 144 504
IGCSE(I&II) 400 250 250 900
  Sep Dec Feb  
IGCSE-III 400 350 350 1100
AS 400 400 400 1200


Area Total Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
AL FARWANIYA 145 40 50 55
ANDALOS 170 40 60 70
ISHBLYA 145 40 50 55
FIRDOUS 170 40 60 70
JALEEB 135 40 45 50
KHAITAN 145 40 50 55
RABYA 140 40 50 55
REGAI 170 40 60 70
SABAH AL NASER 170 40 60 70
SULAIBIYA 170 40 60 70