School Activities - Pakistan English School


PES has always been a forerunner in innovation and introducing different programs. We are planning to start the following programs in our current academic session

1. English Language Special Classes

2. Full-Featured Career Counseling starting from Grade VIII onwards

3. Intervention Program for students

4. Extracurricular Activities under DAS Academy




PES is committed to providing top-notch sports facilities under DAS academy, which has fully developed infrastructure for swimming, soccer, cricket, and indoor games. We are also planning to construct a modern soccer ground in our campus.




Extracurricular activities provide a refreshing break from the continuous study hours at school.

PES helps children to develop their skills by allowing them to collaborate and socialize with the children of other schools.

We believe that children's academic performance improves when they participate in extracurricular activities. It helps in building their self esteem and keeps them healthy.

Children can enhance their knowledge by engaging themselves in quizzes, recitation, elocution, art, craft, and games like football and basketball.