Admission Procedures - Pakistan English School

Admission Process

Admission Enquiry

Click on the below button and submit the Admissions Enquiry Form.


Schedule Interview

Our Team will contact you for an interview and they will confirm the interview date.

Schedule Test

After the interview, your child will be qualified by a test.


After completing Interview & Test, you can click the below link and register for admission.


Admissions at Pakistan English School are granted on a merit basis. Admission depends on the number of seats available and the child's performance in the Admission Test. The school management will examine the test results of the student and if it is satisfactory admission will be granted.

If a student from another school in Kuwait wishes to join PES they should appear for the Admission Test.

Admissions are done from February to October

Note: Admission will be given to the candidates who have passed the aptitude test and submitted the essential documents to meet the standard equivalent. Candidates will be strictly selected based on the merit list. Applications will be rejected for those who failed to pay the fees within the given period.

Admission Requirements

If your child is entering kindergarten, they must be at least 3.5 years old before September 15th of the enrollment year.

Documents required to extract the health card


1. Original and copy of the birth certificate.

2. An original copy of the civil ID of the father and child.

3. 2 personal photos of the child

The following documents are required to open a file for the student: -

1. The health file

2. A copy of the passport of the father and child.

3. A copy of the civil ID of the father, mother and child

4. Two recent personal photos of the student

5. A copy of the birth certificate and vaccinations

6. A copy of the father's nationality (for the Kuwaiti child)

For students transferring from another school

1. Original transfer certificate from the previous school

2. The student's last academic certificate

3. Clearance

Transfer of students between schools within Kuwait

If a student wishes to transfer to PES from another school in Kuwait, they must first pass the admission test. On the completion of the test, the child’s results will be examined to see if they are satisfactory. If school management is satisfied with the child’s results a NOC will be issued for the transfer of their school file from their current school to PES.

Transfer of students from outside of Kuwait

In the case of a student transferring to our school from a school that is outside of Kuwait, the student must provide a leaving certificate and detailed mark sheet from their prior school. These documents must be duly attested from the relevant authorities

Withdrawal Procedure

In the case of a necessary withdrawal during or at the end of the academic year, the student must obtain a fee clearance certificate from the Accounts Office. Once this is done, students will be supplied with their result card, personal file and transfer certificate. Please note that the result cards of withdrawn students are stored and archived in the Accounts Office.