Management Message - Pakistan English School

Principal's Message

I am delighted to address you all directly through our newly-launched website. The creation of this website plays a large role in my commitment to improve the facilities at our school and to raise the standard of education we offer. It is our goal to overhaul and update our school, allowing it to become a modern educational facility, and to match the increasing pace of the current world.

In these times, education has become very challenging. The fast progress in various fields of education has resulted in the development of many new disciplines of higher and specialized studies. Therefore, it is the duty of schools and other institutions to provide their students with the best possible education; one that is rich, diverse and that will enable them to go to university with great confidence in their abilities. I am working persistently with my team and owners of the school to create a highly conducive educational environment in our school.

In the coming months we are planning to launch the Student Portal, through which the students will be able to find their homework, class assignments and access their teachers’ advice from the comfort of their own homes.

It must be emphasized that none of our planned developments for the school can be achieved alone. I must also emphasize the great effort that the owners of the school, as well as my team, have given in order to materialize the policies I set out to achieve.

I am highly indebted to my team members for all the support they have provided as well as others who have generously given their assistance with all of our requests.

I would like to advise the academic staff to exert their full energy to impart the best knowledge to our students. Students should also be advised to study to the best of their ability in order to acquire the maximum benefit from the new educational facilities being provided.

Best wishes during your summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming academic year.

Mrs. Sanober Farrukh Sultan