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Primary School


Primary School nurtures the children and develops them as active participants in the lifelong journey of learning. We help the children to think, explore, and express themselves and gain an understanding of the world.

The Primary Section provides rich and challenging learning opportunities for children in a supportive and nurturing environment. We help students to develop an understanding of themselves and the world around them through various forms of expression including Languages, Music, and Visual art.

Our Primary Section provides a broad and balanced education for each child.


Why PES Primary School?


A school serves as a second home to children in their primary years. Keeping this in view, PES laid the foundation of its primary section.

We aim to foster and develop their social, cognitive, cultural, and physical skills and emotional behavior.

This is the perfect place to feed the fire of learning and set the base of education.


Engaging Learning Environment

PES Primary Wing has an intellectually stimulating learning environment in which students feel respected and connected.

Individual Attention

Our teachers have a keen focus on every student

Activity Based Learning

We believe in activity-based learning and integrate instructions in content areas



We have been following the Oxford curriculum for the past 25 years. Additionally, we are introducing the Cambridge curriculum from Grade 1 to 8.

PES has been the pioneer in bringing technology into the classroom.

Students get opportunities to collaborate with children from other schools and enhance their knowledge by engaging in games, quizzes, recitations, and elocutions.

This helps them to strengthen their skills.

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How do we teach?

Empower Students to Succeed
Our teachers get to know about each student and identify their strengths and interests. They help and support the students to succeed.
Encourage Active Learning
They apply techniques to identify the capability of each student and the impact it may have on the student's participation in school activities.

How do we engage?

We interact with students by involving them in discussions. We explain through demonstrations and real-life examples to make studies interesting and promote subject-based learning.

PES focuses on creating a systematic learning environment that enhances the student's academic skills, competencies, and social and emotional development as well.



Game-based learning

Inquiry-based learning

Expeditionary learning

Cooperative learning




We focus on core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

We teach different languages like Urdu, Arabic, and French (Grade 4 onwards).

We believe that students should explore the domains of art, technology, and physical education.

Education needs to be imparted through fun classroom activities.



We know that teachers make a very significant impact on the students. Our reliable teaching methods increase the students ability to understand and learn.

Since each student is on the teacher's radar they receive the teacher's attention and excel. They begin to think more critically when teachers interact and incorporate mysteries in their daily lessons.


According to us, innovative pedagogy revolves around engaging in reflection and collaboration.

We find out what works out in a classroom and what doesn't. We promote diversity among our students.

Our teachers set goals for their students, provide opportunities, and make them complete activities following specific principles and routines.

We seek out new techniques for teaching and every event is seen as a teachable moment.