Middle School Education in Kuwait - Pakistan English School

Middle School


The PES Middle Section is designed to inspire and support students to develop self-confidence and effective working habits along with a thorough understanding of subjects.

The Middle Section ensures that children improve their knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes developed in the Primary Section. We understand that education is an ongoing process and our system is flexible enough to allow students to excel in everything.

Our Middle Section helps students to excel academically and socially.


Why PES Middle School?

PES is the best choice for Middle School education because parents get the BEST education at an affordable cost.

PES fosters the social, mental, and cognitive aspects of its students and provides a competitive environment necessary for educational development.

Prioritize Maths & Science

Activity-based Learning

Link Theory to Practice

Computer Studies Integrated Curriculum

Arabic and Islamic Education

Behaviour Management System

Mobile-based Information Sharing

Instill Modern Thinking

Our teaching methodology

Teaching to the Middle School students is quite different as it is a transition state between Primary and Higher sections.

Inquiry-based learning

Study groups

Adequate lesson planning

Using audio-visual aids and virtual reality

Involving parents

Making students responsible

Revision of core concepts

Igniting a brighter future for your child.

Engaging Education at PES Middle School

As mentioned earlier the Middle School students are very energetic. Our school engages them in many activities both inside and outside the classrooms to channelize their energy positively.

We engage our students through educational trips, excursions, art & science projects to discover and polish the talents hidden in the students.

Keeping students eager, focused, and undistracted is a real challenge, but at PES we use different techniques to keep students engaged.


Promoting Alertness & Activeness

Encouraging Presentation & Participation

Holding Interest through Diagrams

Fostering Students Speakers

Community Engagement Programs

Interschool competitions and quizzes


We use a proportionate blend of conventional and modern teaching methodology.

The results of this strategy are amazing because it appeals to the cognitive abilities of students.

Students develop an ability to apply the theoretical knowledge gained by them in their practical life.

The impact of our teaching methodology is evident from the excellent performance of the students.



PES has always been a forerunner in innovation and has introduced several programs to improve social skills and build confidence in students.

We are planning to introduce the following programs in the current academic session.

1. English Language special classes

2. Full-featured career counselling (from Grade VIII onwards).

3. Intervention Program for students

4. CLP (Cognitive Learning Program) and Robotics

5. Extracurricular activities under DAS academy



PES is committed to providing top-notch sports facilities under DAS academy, which has a well-developed infrastructure for swimming, soccer, cricket, and indoor games.

We are also planning to construct a modern soccer ground on our campus.



PES believes that all children have a hidden talent; the role of the teacher is to explore and polish it. Our pedagogy is based on productive activities for developing a child, improving language and communication skills, and following a conceptual approach.

Our pedagogy facilitates students not only in gaining a deep knowledge of the subject and better insight into the core concepts but also in applying the learning experience in their homes, communities and personal lives.

Teacher - Student collaboration

Develop Language Competency

Connect School to Student's Life

Activity-based learning