British Curriculum | IGCSE Cambridge | Edexcel Curriculum - Pakistan English School

Why Choose PES

Individual Instruction

A unique learning experience to improve academic performance and boost confidence.

Focus on English

Connect to the global network of English speakers to open up a world of possibilities in future.

Choice of Curriculum

Well recognized, comprehensive curriculums to help children excel in life with confidence.

Respects Islamic Values

Reinforcing Islamic values with the right knowledge of Islam.

Minimum Homework Policy

Reinforcing the education that takes place in the classroom with the Minimum Homework approach.

Healthy & Safe Environment

Keeping good health and overall well-being of the students in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Advanced Lab Facilities

Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology apparatus, equipment and computers.

Robotics Program

Taking education to an advanced level with the introduction of robotic program in the curriculum.