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PES allows the students from Grades 9 to 12 to make a choice between FBISE - Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (derived from Pakistan National Board) and IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education syllabuses.

By choosing the IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education syllabus your child has a good opportunity to continue his University Education in any country - home or abroad. It will help them find better career opportunities and lead a successful life.

The core subjects in the IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education syllabus are English, Mathematics, and Sciences (Physics, Chemistry Biology and ICT). Our students can also choose other subjects ranging from Social Science, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Sociology.


The High School curriculum at PES is based on the FBISE, a Pakistan Government Board of Education. FBISE - The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education offers the students to opt for any of the F.Sc Pre Medical, Pre Engineering and General Science Groups. Along with compulsory subjects, the students can choose and learn Biology/ Mathematics or chemistry/Computer Sciences. We also offer Arts and Humanities both at SSC and HSSC levels.

FBISE is an advanced curriculum that adds more value towards the progressive achievement of the nation's intentions and aspirations of education. At SSC (Grade 9 and 10) level, every student is provided with choice of Science or Humanities. This syllabus offers equal opportunities to all students through a fair, transparent, and efficient examination system.

Why PES High School?

PES fosters the social, mental, and cognitive aspects of its students and provides a proper learning environment therefore the choice of PES is a wise decision made by parents.

Focus on core subjects such as Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science)

Due importance given to Social Science and languages

Arabic and Islamiat as compulsory subjects

Fully Equipped Science laboratories

Student’s orientation and career counselling

Computer Lab with modern IT facilities

Activity-based learning

Relating theory with practical life

Experienced and qualified teachers for FBISE - Federal Board OF Intermediate AND Secondary Education and IGCSE - International General CERTIFICATE OF Secondary Education

Comprehensive Behavior Management System

A fully functional mobile application which acts as a parent information system

Transport available for most areas

Extra coaching classes

Personality Development

PES lays a strong emphasis on developing the entire personality of the students which is done by developing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.

Individual Attention

Our teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of each student and they teach effectively by giving them personalized attention. We maintain the entire educational history of the students which enables us to deal with them individually.

Students Participation

The Chalk and Talk method has proven to be very ineffective in the transfer of knowledge. Teaching can't be effective without student participation. Our teachers design different educational, social and creative activities that help students to understand things easily and boost their confidence


Curriculum (Academics, Co-curricular, Extra Curricular)

We offer all the available streams of education at high school level for the parent to choose from.

1. Pakistan English School is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) For Secondary School Certificate SSC (Matriculation) and Higher secondary School Certificate HSSC (Intermediate).

2. SSC is a two-year course comprising Grade 9 and 10. We offer SSC with Science Subjects and soon we are adding the Humanities Group as well.

3. HSSC is also a 2 years course comprising Grade 11 and 12. We offer the following FOUR categories under HSSC:
F. Sc Pre-Medical (Biology, Physics and Chemistry+ Compulsory Subjects)
F. Sc Pre-Engineering (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry+ Compulsory Subjects)
F. Sc Science General (Computer Studies, Physics and Mathematics+ Compulsory Subjects)
I-Com (Commerce and Business)
We shall soon add F.A Humanities group under HSSC.
After successful completion of HSSC the students are eligible to apply for the bachelor’s degree in the universities of Pakistan and abroad for higher studies in the field of medical science, engineering, business, and other disciplines.

4. IGCSE (9,10,11) (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, AS and A Level (Grade 12)

5. IGCSE is the most popular program due to its flexibility, word wide acceptance and wide range of subjects to choose from.

6. PES provide IGCSE qualification by two renowned British Boards Cambridge and Edexcel.

Bringing Excellence To Students.


Trained and Experienced Staff to deal with IGCSE stream.

Complete support for syllabus completion, past papers solutions and assessment.

Choice of Edexcel and Cambridge

Affordable IGCSE education

Our Teaching Methodologies

Using models and presentations

Conducting workshops

Developing critical thinking

Enhanced Supporting Weak Students

Inquiry based learning

Classroom & Practical Blended Learning

Additional Questions Practice

Encouraging Group Studies & Discussion

Proper lesson planning

Visual Aids & Virtual Reality

Parents Involvement

Fostering Responsible Students

Core Concepts Revision

Preparation through mock examination

Engaging Education at PES High School

Getting students to be focused, eager, and undistracted is a real challenge but at PES we use different techniques to keep our students engaged:


Interactive style of teaching

Questioning Strategies to Engage Students

Developing Students' Speaking Skills

Using Sketches to Keep Students Interest

Organizing Community Engagement Programs

School competitions and quizzes


We use a proportionate blend of conventional and modern teaching methodology. The result of this strategy is amazing because it strengthens the cognitive abilities of students.


PES has always been the forerunner in innovation and introducing different programs. We are planning to start the following programs in our current academic session:


English Language Classes

Career Counselling Sessions

Student Intervention Programs

Extracurricular activities




PES is committed to providing top-notch sports facilities under DAS academy, which has fully developed infrastructure for swimming, soccer, cricket, and indoor games.

We are also planning to construct a modern soccer ground in our campus.